Put Your Knowledge to the Test in Shreveport, LA

Determine your road readiness with our Road Skills Test

Take your road skills test through Mark's Driving Academy. We'll evaluate your driving and sign off on your paperwork if you are ready for your license. You must pass this exam before receiving your official driver's license. The cost for the Road Skills Test is $50. ($20 for retakes).

You'll be graded on your performance. If you drive safely and complete all the requirements, we'll sign off on the proper paperwork so you can go to the DMV, hand over your proof of exam and receive your driver's license.

Call 318-429-9059 today to make an appointment for your Road Skills Test in Shreveport, LA.

Score well on your road test to earn your driver's license

By completing your road test through us, you won't have to wait in such a long line at the DMV. You can bypass that and turn in your paperwork with our signature.

We know that nobody's perfect. If you fail your first test, take it again free of charge. This way, you can learn what you did wrong and fix it for next time. These tests take about 20 minutes and can be scheduled by appointment.

Contact us now to schedule a road test in Shreveport, LA.

Road Skills Test; by appointment only.
*Starting June 2022, the Road Skills Test will cost $50. Any further re-test of the Road Skills test will cost $25.