In the Shreveport-Bossier area, this is the best place to go to. Costs less than other driving schools in the area but higher quality. Teaching is straight to the point and they teach you everything you need to know. It's fun too, the teachers are kind and comical. This is the place to go for a quick and fun process.

My Clarity

I attended this driver's school, easily has the best rates in the SBC. Instructor is a funny guy. I was never bored in the class. Highly recommend for Teen Classes and Adult/Defensive Classes.


Definitely recommend! They make sure the students have what they need to pass the driving test!

Eileen Velez

I took a defensive driving course at Mark's Driving Academy. The price of the course was excellent, and Mark was great! This is definitely the place to go for driving courses!

Emily S.

He did a great job teaching my kids. Very patient and accommodating. Highly recommend Mark!!!

Tanya C.

My wife took our daughter here for her road test today. Not only did they bend over backwards to fit her in with short notice, Mark explained everything with my wife and our daughter from beginning to end.

The fee was incredibly reasonable, and Mark & his staff were very kind to them. I just hope he's still around when our younger girls are old enough for driver's ed.

Ryan W.

I took Mark's drivers ed class at Byrd high school 8 years ago. I recently was in a bad accident that could've taken mine and my boyfriends life. If it hadn't of been for Mark's lessons in how to steer into the skid when hydroplaning and the angles in which to turn your car when expecting a head on collision I would not be here today, nor would my boyfriend. Especially since my airbags failed and my car went up in smoke, but thankfully there were minimal injuries. I hope he's still teaching drivers ed when I have kids one day because I wouldn't trust anyone else to teach my future children the very valuable lessons he taught me!

Samantha P.

Extremely knowledgeable instructor. Go to Marks Driving Academy for your driving needs.

Mara H.

I can only attest to Mark's character as a Coach and educator. Class act all the way. Happy to know my daughter will be able to get her hours behind the wheel from Mark or someone he has trust in. It's hard trusting your kids to people, and so many kids have to be scheduled around each other if they do Driver's Ed at school. What a great idea, Ludke! Wish you the best and see you soon!


Hands-down the best driving school in S'Port-Bossier. Coach Mark Ludke has been teaching driver's classes for several years. Experience matters, and Coach Ludke has it. He has a nice driver's ed car, too!!!

Chris M.

Love This Driving School, Resonable Prices , And Such Nice And Sweet Employees . I Will Definitely Be Recommending You Guys !!

Shonterrica B.

Mark's Driving Academy is absolutely the best!! I live in Bossier City, but it's worth the drive to Shreveport. If you want the best (driving) education for your child, I highly recommend Mark's Driving Academy... You'll be ecstatic with the results! Sign up early because seats fill fast.

Ashley C.

I am a beneficiary of Mark's Driving Academy. My experience is as follows: as a non-native speaker of English, it is a little difficult to take the theory test in English, but Mr. Mark teacher patiently and carefully helps me with my study. Meanwhile, Mrs.Terrie instructor wasn't afraid of difficulty to teach me the driving skills. Through the driving school training, I successfully passed the driving test. For this reason, I strongly recommend beginners to go to Mark's Driving Academy.

Yidong H.

We just got done with drivers ed with Marks Driving Academy and it has been amazing. My teenager was not bored with the classes. He keeps them entertained while teaching them about road safety! She was able to pass both parts of her driving tests! Her driving instructor was amazing too! We will definitely use Mark for all my kids driving classes!

brittney b.

You are seeing this because you cared enough to look at reviews for a driving school for your teen. You can stop searching, you've found it!
Mark teaches these kids because he cares and he happens to be great at it.
Mark doesn't cut corners and you can bet your kid is going to get the training that you are paying for. Classes aren't overcrowded and they start & end on time, EVERY-TIME!
The topics that they touch on in class are real and up to date. He has several guest speakers including first responders and people who have experienced accidents and lived to tell about it. You can't get more real than that!
He keeps it interesting and treats the teens like they are the young adults that they indeed are.
I feel better knowing my daughter was taught by Mark and his colleagues @ Mark's Driving Academy.

Katina K Papageorge

Great guy and great service.

Blk Anmld